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Exchange Programs

Farabi Exchange Program

The primary objectives of the Farabi Exchange Program are to facilitate collaboration between higher education institutions and to promote the mobility of both students and faculty members. To accomplish these aims, the Council of Higher Education provides support for the coordination framework within higher education institutions, assists faculty members involved in the program, and also provides non-repayable scholarship opportunities for students. 

It is expected that the Farabi Exchange Program will make a positive contribution to the academic life and academic studies, social development processes and career plans of the faculty members and students participating in the exchange by being in a different academic environment.

  • Assistant Prof. R. Gürsel HOŞBAŞ (Head)
  • Assistant Prof. Zehra ÇETİN
Mevlana Exchange Program

The primary aim of the Mevlana Exchange Program is to facilitate the exchange of students and faculty members between domestic higher education institutions and those abroad. Additionally, the main objectives of the Mevlana Exchange Program include:

•    Elevating Turkey as a prominent hub for higher education.
•    Enhancing the academic capabilities of our domestic higher education institutions.
•    Contributing to the globalization of higher education.
•    Promoting Turkey's diverse historical and cultural heritage on a global scale.
•    Enriching the culture of respect and understanding for differences through increased intercultural interaction.

  • Assistant Prof. Nihat ERSOY(Head)
  • Research Assistant Zehra ÇETİN